5ft Antique Victorian Brass Bedstead – Ref. 96009A60


For those seeking the majesty and importance that only the very best of the Victorian years of bedstead production can offer, you need look no further than this all-brass masterpiece. Main features include, but are not limited to, 2” (50mm) extruded square tubes to the main posts mounted with the heaviest cast brass, feet, knees, and husks mounts throughout. The main posts are topped with the most impressive cast ‘feature’ collars and vase top knobs. These are repeated at the headboard in a slightly simpler format. Both head and footboards rise to central galleries with massive, ornate cast brass shell features. With further swags, bows, and cobwebs in the classic style of James Adam, what one sees before them when contemplating this bedstead is one of the most powerful statements of grandiose importance that bed makers of the day could possibly offer to their clients.

Bedsteads of this stature will easily accommodate the deepest, highest specifications of mattress and bedstead base. These extra-deep products have become prevalent today at the exclusive, high luxury end of the market. As such, these grand bedsteads can be restored to our customer’s individual taste, with alterations made to their width, height, and the like here in our own Framlingham-based workshops. As a finished article of furniture, there is little else that can compete with the unique schemes they can create, both in terms of a sublime, comfortable retreat and a simply stunning aesthetic statement piece for one’s bedroom.



Product Description

IMPORTANT 19TH CENTURY PROVENANCE: Sourced by Bed Bazaar directly from Southern Ireland, this bedstead was originally made circa 1875 by Maple & Co and was once the property of Lord Fitzwilliam of The Fitzwilliam Estate, Shillelagh in County Wicklow. In its heyday, Coolattin House, near the village of Shillelagh, was at the centre of one of the biggest and wealthiest Anglo-Irish estates.

The owners, the Earls of Fitzwilliam, owned more than 85,000 acres – one-fifth of Co Wicklow – and had thousands of tenants. After the Great Famine and the land clearances, an estimated 2,000 people emigrated from the estate to Canada, and today tens of thousands of Canadians can trace their ancestry to Coolattin.

Like the house itself, which fell somewhat into a state of disrepair, this bedstead is currently standing in quite a dulled and as-found condition. It is 100% complete and original, having never been subject to any previous restoration work. As such, it can be either cleaned and sympathetically reworked and sold looking pretty much as it does here and in its current 150cm / 5ft size. When less work is carried out, it generally follows that the bedstead’s sale price will be lower than indicated here too.

Finish / Finishes:
Currently standing unrestored with dulled brass mounts throughout due to a gradual breakdown of the original lacquer. The bedstead will be re-polished and re-lacquered to the buyers personal taste for the price point quoted
Grit-Blasted, Etch Primed & Hand Brushed Painted Iron Work Mylands ‘Film, Theatre & Television’ (FTT-002) PALE GOLD

Standard UK King Size to suit a 150 x 198cm (5’0” x 6’6”)
Headboard Height: 186cm / 6‘1¼“
Footboard Height: 137cm / 4‘6“
Side Rail-to-Floor: 39cm / 15½“
Mattress-to-Floor Height: 82cm / 33”
Mattress & Base Depth: 43cm / 17“
Bedstead Base-to-Floor: 44cm / 17½ “

Price Points:
£15,000.00 (Bed ref: BA 9609A60)
Price INCLUDES: Bed Bazaar’s full professional restoration work as shown, a ‘Standard’ Pine Slatted Bedstead Base, Bed Bazaar’s own 10 year bedstead guarantee and a lifetime part exchange facility
Price EXCLUDES: a mattress, a bedstead base upgrade (if desired), home delivery, installation and disposal of customer’s old bed

Choosing Your Mattress & Bedstead base:
Our mattresses and bedstead bases are a highly unique part of the Bed Bazaar antique bedstead business. All products are designed and hand-made by our own time-served, master bed makers here in our dedicated Framlingham based mattress factory, Sleeping Partners. In addition we have a comprehensive factory showroom for our customers to try our beds and be guided by our experienced sales team.

In addition to showroom consultations our sales team have gained unrivalled expertise in selling our products via a telephone consultation too. Be assured that which ever medium is preferred, we have great confidence in our ability to help our customers choose a mattress and bedstead base that is right for them in terms of comfort, price point and their chosen bedsteads aesthetic integrity.


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