4ft6 Antique Victorian All Brass Bedstead – Ref. BA 9544A54


Stunning early Victorian brass bedstead in the Gothic Revival style. Rare and highly desirable cartwheel design based around beautifully symmetrical large outer and smaller central, double tube demi-cartwheels. These in turn trap cast-brass Celtic crosses between them. Highly puritan and leaning towards ecclesiastical design cues, this bedstead’s cast brass mounts would have been created by the best pattern makers and brass founders of the day. Almost medieval in presence, this wonderful, high Victorian bedstead also has intricately ormolu finished facets to its cast brass mounts.

This bedstead is quite easily worthy of Bed Bazaar’s ‘museum quality’ stamp, standing as it does in the most superb original condition. This adds greatly to its elegance and overtly ornate scheme. The brass has been so well preserved firstly courtesy of the Victorian’s Lumanoid lacquered process, one that utilised a sepia coloured lacquer, but more relevantly courtesy of having spent life in service in the bedroom of a well-kept, very dry period property. One would imagine its bedroom had net curtains or blinds drawn most of the time, or possibly it was in a room where it stood well away from direct window light.

This dark lacquer effect helped unify the different colours of brass mounts to one uniform tone. The brass mounts would have varied in colour due to the differing processes used to make them. Some were spun from discs, on this bedstead all were casts from molten brass, and by contrast, the round tubes were a wrapping of sheet brass which was rolled over steel tubes. As such, and due to the differing metallurgy of the brasses used to create them, once polished they varied in the tone of their brass colour, thus the sepia lacquer masked this. It also made allowance for the fact that slower Victorian polishing wheel speeds could not achieve such a high shine as the electrically powered ones we use today. Again, this lower shine was improved by the darker coloured, but still clear, Lumanoid lacquer. Quick ship programme

Product Description

Finish / Finishes:
This bedstead will have a deep clean and we do not plan to re-polish it due to its wonderfully, mellow ‘treacle lustre’ courtesy of an original Victorian polished and lacquered finish. This tone and colour cannot be achieved today and is facilitated only by a combination of the passage of time, having been extremely well kept in continuous use and the superlative workmanship of our Victorian forebear’s Lumanoid brass lacquering process.

The original paint of the side irons, cross irons and post chills will be deep cleaned, revived and waxed courtesy of Bed Bazaar’s exclusive workshop methodology and skill set.

Standard UK King Size to suit a 135 x 190cm (4’6” x 6’3”)

Sale Price:
£4,250.00 (Bed ref: BA 9544A54)
Price INCLUDES: Bed Bazaar’s full professional restoration work as shown, a ‘Standard’ Pine Slatted Bedstead Base, Bed Bazaar’s own 10 year bedstead guarantee and a lifetime part exchange facility
Price EXCLUDES: a mattress, a bedstead base upgrade (if desired), home delivery, installation and disposal of customer’s old bed.

Choosing Your Mattress & Bedstead Base:
Our mattresses and bedstead bases are a highly unique part of the Bed Bazaar antique bedstead business. All products are designed and hand-made by our own time-served, master bed makers here in our dedicated Framlingham based mattress factory, Sleeping Partners. In addition we have a comprehensive factory showroom for our customers to try our beds and be guided by our experienced sales team.

In addition to showroom consultations our sales team have gained unrivalled expertise in selling our products via a telephone consultation too. Be assured that which ever medium is preferred, we have great confidence in our ability to help our customers choose a mattress and bedstead base that is right for them in terms of comfort, price point and their chosen bedsteads aesthetic integrity.

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