4ft6 Antique French Cherry Wood Bedstead – Ref. BA 9542W54


Decorative Antique French Cherry Wood bedstead, standing upon elegant tapered and fluted legs, features ‘C’ scroll carving and an intricate central Louis XVI-styled carved detail. Made circa 1890 and currently standing unrestored, our sale price includes full restoration and traditional French Polishing work. Alternatively, it can be painted to suit your own individual bedroom’s scheme perfectly.

European bedsteads from this era represent fantastic value today. Generally French-made, around Paris or in neighbouring Belgium, many wooden furniture firms were based in 19th-century Brussels. By the turn of the 20th century, these makers were winning worldwide orders through extensive and highly detailed portfolios of their furniture ranges. Markets included not only private buyers for the home but also the rapidly expanding hotel and hospitality industry, as travel became more widespread.

Product Description

Polished Finish – Firstly, any necessary repairs, knocks, or shakes will be addressed in our cabinet maker’s workshops. Next, a deep clean with Libnet PPC follows. Re-polishing via traditional French Polishing ‘Rubber’ is the next stage, and we use Jenkins ‘Button’ polish for this process. The final finish we achieve is then cut back and ‘Hard Waxed’ by hand to an authentic period lustre to facilitate Bed Bazaar’s exclusive ‘Patina of Age’. With the mastery of our in-house polishing team, we consistently achieve this.

Painted Finishes – Firstly, any necessary repairs, knocks, or shakes will be addressed in our cabinet maker’s workshop. Next, our paint shop sands or lightly scours the wood surface to provide a key ahead of a deep clean of the entire carcass via sugar soap. Next, the wood will be hand-brush painted in a colour of the buyer’s choice. Care will be taken with brushstroke direction to complement the wood’s grain, and the paint finish will not quite cover, allowing the wood colour to faintly grin through the brushstrokes. Finally, the paint finish will be soft-sanded by hand with pre-worn garnet paper and hard waxed via Libron’s ‘Black Bisson’ wax or clear ‘Briwax Bees Wax’. Our paint finishes are exclusive to Bed Bazaar and have been honed over many decades; perfecting our techniques and methodologies is something close to our hearts. The old ways are the best.

Standard UK Double Size to suit a 135 x 190cm (4’6” x 6’3”)

Sale Price:
£1,295.00 (Bed ref: BA 9542W54)
Price INCLUDES: Bed Bazaar’s full professional restoration work as shown, a ‘Standard’ Pine Slatted Bedstead Base, Bed Bazaar’s own 10 year bedstead guarantee and a lifetime part exchange facility
Price EXCLUDES: a mattress, a bedstead base upgrade (if desired), home delivery, installation and disposal of customer’s old bed.

Choosing Your Mattress & Bedstead base:
Our mattresses and bedstead bases are a highly unique part of the Bed Bazaar antique bedstead business. All products are designed and hand- by our own time-served, master bed makers here in our extensive Framlingham based mattress factory, Sleeping Partners. In addition we have a comprehensive factory showroom for our customers to try our beds and be guided by our experienced sales team.

In addition to showroom consultations our sales team have gained unrivalled expertise in selling our products via telephone consultation. Be assured that which ever medium is preferred, we have great confidence in our ability to help our customers choose a mattress and bedstead base that is right for them in terms of comfort, price point and their chosen bedsteads aesthetic integrity.

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