3ft Victorian Iron Four-poster Bedstead – Ref. 9365C36


Step into a world of timeless elegance with this exquisite early Victorian iron four-poster bedstead, a rare find that exudes the charm and grace of the Victorian bygone era. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this bed boasts a fully knock-down design format, allowing for easy assembly and transport, while its removable side and cross irons ensure both functionality and convenience.

Pleasingly curly and reassuringly robust serpentine gates adorned with bold, ornate cast iron joints, each meticulously hand-shaped and pulled to form a captivating sunburst design. Three elegant rings, delicately trapped between the gates’ serpentine top rails, add an extra layer of refinement to this already stunning piece.

As your gaze travels upwards, you’ll be enchanted by the Lit Polonaise-inspired canopy, offering endless possibilities for personalisation. Whether adorned with delicate voile, sumptuous silks, or rich furnishing fabrics, this canopy invites you to weave your own narrative and create a sanctuary of opulence and comfort in your bedroom.

Embrace the romance of the Victorian era and make a statement with this charming bedstead, a true testament to craftsmanship and enduring style.

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Product Description

Finish / Finishes:
Paint Finish: Currently standing AF and unrestored, this bedstead would benefit from our cost-price inclusive grit blasting process and a traditional oven-baked stive enamel paint finish. Standard colours, again cost-price inclusive, are Satin Black and Glossy Ivory (BS 10B15). Other oven-baked, stove enamel colours are available at additional cost. Alternatively,
Brass Mounts: They are currently non-lacquered, dulled brass which can either be enhanced, visually improved upon and lacquered, or the knobs can be fully bright polished and re-lacquered. Whichever way, they will receive exacting attention to the buyer’s personal taste for the price point quoted.

Standard UK Small Single size to suit a 90 x 190cm (3’0” x 6’3”) mattress and bedstead base.

First Curtain Rail Height: 176cm/69½”
Full ‘Lit Polonaise’ Canopy Height: 218cm/86”
Headboard Height: 124cm/49”
Footboard Height: 90cm/36”
Mattress-to-Floor: 65cm/25½”
Bedstead Base-to-Floor: 47cm/18½”
Side Rail-to-Floor: 40cm/16”

Sale Price:
£ 1,950.00 (Bed ref: 9365C36)
Price INCLUDES: Bed Bazaar’s full professional restoration work as shown, a ‘Standard’ Pine Slatted Bedstead Base, Bed Bazaar’s own 10 year bedstead guarantee and a lifetime part exchange facility
Price EXCLUDES: a mattress, a bedstead base upgrade (if desired), home delivery, installation and disposal of customer’s old bed

Mattresses & Bedstead Bases
The images shown here of bed ref: 9365C36 depict this bedstead complete with a combined mattress and bedstead base height of 25cm/10”. Due to the relatively high side rail height, an Iron Four-poster bedstead such as this should ideally have a combined base and mattress height that does not exceed 32.5cm/13”. One should be mindful that adjusting a bedstead’s overall mattress height either too high or too low can impact the aesthetic integrity of the overall scheme one is seeking to create. As such, we recommend speaking to one of our highly experienced team members for further advice on our own Suffolk Journeyman range of mattresses and bedstead bases.

Choosing Your Mattress & Bedstead Base:
Our mattresses and bedstead bases are a highly unique part of the Bed Bazaar antique bedstead business. All products are designed in-house and hand-made by our own time-served, master bed makers here in our extensive Framlingham-based mattress factory, Sleeping Partners. Additionally, we have a comprehensive factory showroom for our customers to try our beds and be guided by our experienced sales team.

In addition to showroom consultations, our sales team has gained unrivalled expertise in selling our products via telephone consultation. Be assured that whichever medium is preferred, we have great confidence in our ability to help our customers choose a mattress and bedstead base that is right for them in terms of comfort, price point, and their chosen bedstead’s aesthetic integrity.

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