3ft Matched Pair of Oak – Ref. 9368W36P


A most charming and overtly unusual matched pair of Victorian solid oak bedsteads in the Aesthetic style, ones which we can attribute to the ‘Cotswold School’ of furniture makers circa 1890. Elegant in design and being lathe-bottom bedsteads, they have a lighter feel and are much more generous with lower light conditions that often prevail in period cottage bedrooms and suchlike.

Once restored, these bedsteads will have a real warmth as oak repolishes so consistently well. A further point of note is that these bedsteads’ stature will accommodate deep, luxury mattresses and sprung upholstered bases; ones which would swamp more modest bed frames.

Despite being Victorian, these bedsteads are also appointed with the excellent and highly reliable VONO system of cast-iron brackets to the head and foot ends. In turn, these link by strong bolt-on 3 x 45 x 45mm high-carbon steel angle iron. It should be noted that much of VONO’s production of bed irons was derived from re-rolled tram-line hence it being ‘high-carbon’ steel and thus not prone to bending (in normal use!).

Product Description

Finish / Finishes
Wooden Head & Footboards – Currently standing unrestored, the sale price stated includes any necessary repairs for knocks or shakes via our cabinet-making workshops. Next, we deep clean the wood using Libnet PPC prior to repolishing with traditional Button Polishing techniques, which involve applying the polish via a Squirrel Hair mop process. Finally, we cut back the new polished finish and apply ‘Hard Wax’ by hand to achieve an authentic period lustre. For an additional charge, this bedstead can be hand-painted or gilded to suit a customer’s scheme.

Metal Side Irons and Fixings – The period VONO metal side irons and their cast-iron mounting brackets with integral cross irons will also be restored. After being lengthened, they are grit-blasted and then etch-primed before either wet spray painting or hand brush painting. Popular colours include black, maroon, or we can scan the wood colour and have a colour-matched Oak coloured enamel mixed to complement the beauty of the wood.

Standard UK Single Size to suit a 90 x 190cm (3’0” x 6’3”) mattress. These bedsteads can have their side rails extended to suit 198cm / 6’6” mattresses.

Mattresses & Bedstead Bases:
The images shown here of bed ref: 9368W36PR depict this bedstead complete with a combined mattress and bedstead height of 28cm (11”). A matched pair of Oak bedsteads such as these could comfortably accommodate a deeper mattress and base height, but should not exceed 43cm (17”). One should be mindful that making a bedstead’s overall mattress height either too high or too low can impact the aesthetic integrity of the overall scheme one is seeking to create. As such, we recommend speaking to one of our highly experienced team members for further advice on our own Suffolk Journeyman range of mattresses and bedstead bases.

Choosing Your Mattress & Bedstead Base:
Our mattresses and bedstead bases are a highly unique part of the Bed Bazaar antique bedstead business. All products are designed in-house and hand-made by our own time-served master bed makers here in our extensive Framlingham-based mattress factory, Sleeping Partners. In addition, we have a comprehensive factory showroom for our customers to try our beds and be guided by our experienced sales team.

In addition to showroom consultations, our sales team has gained unrivalled expertise in selling our products via telephone consultations. Be assured that whichever medium is preferred, we have great confidence in our ability to help our customers choose a mattress and bedstead base that is right for them in terms of comfort, price point, and their chosen bedstead’s aesthetic integrity.

Sale Price:
£2,750.00 (Bed ref: 9368W36P)
Price INCLUDES: Bed Bazaar’s full professional restoration work as shown, a ‘Standard’ Pine Slatted Bedstead Base, Bed Bazaar’s own 10 year bedstead guarantee and a lifetime part exchange facility
Price EXCLUDES: a mattress, a bedstead base upgrade (if desired), home delivery, installation and disposal of customer’s old bed

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